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Company founder Jaime Pascual (right) and family in the 1940s on the beach at Talamanca
In 1919, husband and wife Jaime Pascual and Esperanza Cardona from Sant Jordi moved to Jesús. To begin with, they rented somewhere to live in the village. They called their business and restaurant 'Can Aguiló' after the finca they were renting.
Over time, and with lots of hard work and effort, their son Francisco managed to buy the property in 1955. The finca's estate comprised the house, a well and some land on which two good fruiting fig trees, two carob trees, six almond trees and even two Seville orange trees thrived. In addition, there was a stock yard and a cart which was used to deliver goods.
The Pascual family in front of the tienda. 1960
Today, the business is run by his son Jaime and grandson Francisco with the help of ten employees. On the spot where the almond and carob trees used to grow there now stands a restaurant which employs 20 people, and a newspaper shop has replaced the fig trees. The shop employs four people and sells tobacco products as well as magazines.
Three generations of the Pascual family. 1950
The almond, carob and orange trees have become a fondly remembered symbol of Can Pascual.
The descendents of the founders are very grateful to the village of Jesús and its inhabitants for their many years of support and for making their family so welcome when they first arrived.
Can Pascual today (2008)

Long live Can Pascual!